Leo Babauta: Keynote Speaker

Creator of Zen Habits blog, author, coach, leader of communities & retreats

Your company would like to develop the leadership of your top people ... team leaders, managers, team members with great potential. These are people who are faced with an ever-changing landscape and lots of uncertainty.

How do you develop leadership in the midst of this uncertainty?

Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, has been training leaders and managers for years, helping them understand:

  • How to recognize and deal with uncertainty, and see that it will often shut us down
  • How to take greater and greater responsibility over our lives and our roles on a team, even when we feel overwhelmed
  • How to feel empowered and inspired to action
  • How to deal with inevitable setbacks
  • How to create structure that actually works to achieve goals

If you'd like Leo to speak to your leaders and deliver this training, reach out.

Leo Babauta created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog with a million readers, more than 15 years ago. He’s also a best-selling author of The Power of Less, Fearless Purpose & Zen to Done, among many other books.

Leo is an executive coach, and leads courses, mastermind groups, workshops and retreats. He’s also a father of 6 kids (most of them grown), an ultrarunner, vegan and Zen practitioner.

Leo has been a keynote speaker all over the world, and has done speaking engagements with organizations such as:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Asana
  • Gumroad
  • Wisdom 2.0 Summit
  • Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global
  • World Domination Summit
  • Blogworld Expo
  • Technical Program Managers (TPM) conference
  • Tribe writer’s conference
  • Professional Organizers of Canada

In 2018, Leo was named to the Fuel List by Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global, as one of the top role models in mindfulness.

Interested in hiring Leo to speak at your company?

Keynote Speeches, Worldwide

Your company might be one of those who have gone through some difficult changes ... maybe recently laid off tens of thousands of employees … leaving your remaining employees in a discouraging landscape. It can be deflating and defeating.

How can you deal with this?

Or perhaps your company is currently thriving ... but you'd like to step into a bigger possibility for what you're doing in the world. How do you help your team envision that larger possibility?

Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, speaks to leaders and managers within companies, helping them to understand:

  • How to recognize the state of discouragement and disempowerment we are in
  • The effects of this state of disempowerment
  • How to take care of these emotions so they don’t have to drag us down
  • What companies and leaders can do to create an environment of empowerment
  • How an individual team member might create purpose, empowerment, and inspiration for themselves
  • How this impacts everyone around us, and the world we’re creating each day
  • How to step into greater leadership in your life
  • How to step into greater possibility as a team
  • How to deal with an overwhelming task list
  • Habits that set us up for empowered and inspired success

The presentation can be done in person, or virtually.

Training in Leadership & Uncertainty

Training in Empowerment & Inspiration

Working with Leo Babauta has been a transformative experience for our team at Davis Forest School. We are an outdoor education non-profit organization, and are collectively stepping into greater leadership for our community. Leo facilitated a tailored leadership training that perfectly aligned with our organization's values and goals. Throughout the training, Leo fostered an environment of collaboration and trust. He skillfully navigated our team through various challenges, inspiring us to discover new perspectives and solutions. Leo's insightful guidance and expertise in leadership development have immensely enriched our team's capabilities and approach to leadership during a time of high growth for our organization.

The impact of Leo's training has been profound. Our team has embraced newfound confidence in showing up as their fullest selves, and are fostering a more cohesive and empowered approach to being leaders in our community.

We highly recommend Leo Babauta for his exceptional ability to inspire and catalyze personal and professional growth. His commitment to cultivating impactful leaders is unparalleled, and we are immensely grateful for the lasting impact he's had on our organization."

Candice Wang

Founder & Director, Davis Forest School