Fear and resistance, our deepest patterns, old conditioning ... it all controls our lives in ways that limit us.

What if you could slow down in these pivotal moments, and learn to courageously be with the resistance?

What if you could let go of old conditioning, and let yourself fall in love with all of life?

Learn the 'Practice of Slowing Down' 

The retreat experience includes 

  • A training method for slowing down in our key moments, to transform how we show up for work, relationships & life
  • Connection, wonder, and play in the unknown — connect with an incredible group of people, all dedicated to creating change in the world, just like you
  • A serene retreat space at an extraordinary urban oasis in the heart of London
  • Teachings on our deepest patterns
  • Reflections on how these deepest patterns got created
  • Practice in slowing down and releasing the old patterns
  • Practice in opening up to all of life, and falling in love with the world
  • Experiences designed to break us through our old patterns, into possibility
  • Training with Leo Babauta — a world class expert in mindful fearlessness and shifting our ingrained patterns

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

— Rumi

It's so important to have a  group of high-performing leaders  and growth seekers who are committed to supporting each other’s transformation

The experiences will be crafted to create connection, despite our favorite tendencies

Many of our previous retreat attendees continue to connect with their cohort post-retreat, with individual meet-ups all over the world

A Wolf Pack to Run With

Training with Leo Babauta

Your flight from your home to London, UK (and back)

Accommodations - you'll need to book a hotel room or Airbnb

Meals (for the most part — we'll include a lunch or two during the retreat)

Transportation while in London

Live training with Zen Habits' Leo Babauta, leading expert on fearlessness training and shifting habitual patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after I purchase?

Once you purchase your spot, you are booked! We'll send you emails soon with the information you need to prepare for your journey to the retreat.

2. What will I do for accommodations? 

Accommodations are not included with this retreat. However, the retreat center offers a limited number of affordable accommodations (with a 10% discount to retreat attendees). There are other hotels within walking distance. We'll send you an email with recommendations — so you can book a room at the retreat center, a nearby hotel, or an Airbnb.  After you sign up, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other attendees to find out if others would like to share accommodation. 

3. How many people will be allowed to attend? 

This intensive will be capped at 40 participants — but about 20 spots will be held for Fearless Mastery mastermind members.  Given the limited spots, we encourage you to dive in as soon as you can, before the retreat fills up.

4. What’s your refund policy? 

Since there is limited space, we ask that you ONLY reserve a spot if you’re ready to dive in. There are no refunds, in service of your commitment to transformation. 

5. What are your COVID guidelines? 

The world has learned to navigate increased uncertainty, and this Slowing Down Retreat is an invitation to continue to practice with that. We are not placing any Covid restrictions (like masking). However, we are asking all attendees to voluntarily take an over the counter Covid test within 48 hours of your arrival at the retreat center. We ask that you do not come to the retreat if you show signs of being sick or test positive for Covid.

6. Have more questions? Contact us! 

You can email us at hello@zenhabits.net if you have questions.

Are you ready to create what's next for you?

what's included ?


being with resistance,

and falling in love with life

an in-person Workshop & Retreat 

in London, UK

Hear Directly From Other Leaders  

Steve, Diane, and Diana share about the powerful experiences they had in last year's Zen Habits retreat, what it's like to work with Leo, and the power of training combined with community

Steve Miller


Diane Tuscher-Ancede

creator, musical writer

Diana Guzmán Caro

primatologist, non-profit leader

What's Not Included?

Dates: April 9 - 11 , 2024

Note: Plan to arrive in London on April 8 at the latest, as the retreat will start on the morning of April 9.

Location: East London Limehouse area

Our retreat space is a sanctuary in an extraordinary urban oasis, that is walking distance from transportation links and major London attractions.

Are you ready to dive in?

Join us for the 'Practice of Slowing Down' Retreat

Spaces are limited and are selling out quickly

Join us for the 'Practice in Slowing Down' Retreat, London, April 2024

scenes from a previous Zen Habits Retreat

with Leo Babauta

Zen Habits Retreat

April 9-11, 2024

This will be our only in-person retreat this year

an immersive practice in ~

Join us for a powerful retreat experience!

experience how this allows you to 

be with resistance and to ultimately...

Fall in Love with Life

This is an adventure, with a group of people putting ourselves into uncertainty out of service for what we’d like to create in the world.

This isn't your usual retreat!

Price $997

This will be our only in-person retreat in 2024