Devote Yourself to Practice in the 3-Core Pillars of the Fearless Path

Create together in Community & Connection, Workshops, Coaching, Courses, and more

Create a well-lived life

  • Build foundational Habits
  • Connect daily to your Purpose
  • Deepen into your work & Broaden your Impact


  • Going from Purpose to Impact: Once you have some clarity on your purpose, it's time to put it into action and start creating the impact you want on the world. You'll learn how to actually start to make your purpose a reality.
  • The Fearless Method & How to Practice with Patterns: You’ll get clear on your patterns of avoidance, procrastination, perfectionism and more that are getting in the way of doing your meaningful work and making your impact. Then you’ll learn how to work with these patterns to start to shift them, using the Fearless Method of training your mind.
  • How Limiting Beliefs Limit our Impact: You'll learn how some of your beliefs can cause you to limit yourself from taking courageous action. The things we do that we want to change are caused by these beliefs, and bringing awareness to them allows us to create new empowering beliefs, and deepen our impact on the world.
  • Cultivating Commitment & Structure: You'll create the commitment and structure that will help you create the meaningful impact you want to make in the world. This will deepen your training and give you the space to do the work you've been longing to do.
  • Deep Focus in the Face of Resistance: Learn how to turn towards your resistance to your meaningful work, and open to finding focus in the middle of your uncertainty. This is a training that will expand your capacity to do the important work, even when fear or patterns arise.
  • Additional Mindfulness practices, meditations, and worksheets will be available to members who would like to continue to deepen into the training.

Why Does Creating Meaningful Change in Our Lives Feel like Such a Battle?

We start with great intentions...

But our best intentions often fall apart without some kind of structure.

Often we flounder around and never truly move forward in the changes we want to make in our lives.

Then we repeat this: 

Start with good intentions, flounder around. Over and over again, until we feel hopeless to change anything or start to nourish a deep sense of inadequacy.

Many of us have things we’d like to change: our exercise and diet habits, procrastination and productivity habits, patience and mindfulness habits, quitting bad habits, decluttering and finances, reading and learning and doing all the things we want to do in life.

But very often we fall short of our hopes.

What’s the problem? Why do we struggle with these changes?

There are lots of reasons, some of them external … but the main reason that it’s difficult to stick to these changes is actually internal.

The result? 

Distractions, running away when things feel hard, self-criticism, harshness, and stories about “not being able to do this” slowly eat away at our capacity to hold a higher vision for ourselves.

Nobody feels good taking these actions, but it's a natural reaction to one simple truth.

What is that truth?

The 5 most damaging myths about finding your purpose:

This is the belief that before you can start taking action, that you need to know exactly what your purpose is. It’s that feeling that there’s always something more you need to know, learn, think about, or plan for. 

In reality: the clarity you desire comes from action.

Lack of action often results from a fear of “getting it wrong”, and messing something up, or being perceived as “not knowing what you are doing”.


A courageous 3-part journey into building better habits, deepening into purpose, and creating more impact.

It's also an approach that shifts mindset towards life in general, towards being open and curious instead of rigid, judgmental, and critical. 

Leo is all about leaning into what we tend to avoid, so we're not constricted by fear, doubt, or shame and can dive more fully into what we're most passionate about”

- Joshua Goldberg

Leo offers a practical, no-nonsense way of approaching habit change — both how to form new beneficial habits and also how to shift old habit-patterns that are no longer helpful.



Monthly Subscription

Fearless Living Academy will be a portal to better habits, deeper purpose, and greater impact if:

You are ready to change.

You may have resisted it in the past.

You may feel stuck, having desired this change, but never have experienced the success of making it stick. You may feel shaky about your ability to create lasting change. 

You feel something shifting within you and you are ready to invest time and effort into making a lasting change. 

One small change at a time, one doable step at a time.

You're ready, and you can't wait to get started with change.

Questions That May Be On Your Mind About Fearless Living Academy

1. Is this one of those programs that will take months to get through before kinda / maybe / sort of seeing a result?

This program is designed to meet you where you are and help you take action on the “next best step” towards building better habits, deepening your purpose, and creating more impact.

While it's true that the 3 core learning tracks and 200+ hours of training inside Fearless Living Academy will help you create powerful shifts in your life ... 

The first “oh hell yeah” moments can start within hours of getting your login on the next page.

In fact, I’d recommend you join now and dive right into our 7-day Success Challenge, a course we've created specifically to support you making the most of Fearless Living.  This course outlines some of the ways you can set yourself up for success, identify where to start on the path, and how to begin taking immediate action.

Leo Babauta is a simplicity blogger & author, and coach. He created Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog with a million readers. He’s also a best-selling author, a husband, father of six children, and a vegan. In 2010 moved from Guam to California, where he leads a simple life.

He’s also a Zen practitioner on a mission to help the world open through uncertainty training.

Leo Babauta

Meet Your Trainer 

We get in our own way by trying to get away from feelings of uncertainty.

You might find yourself caught up in distractions, consumption, busywork and old habits …

Or perhaps feeling like you are caught in a “groundhog day” loop where nothing quite excites you anymore, and you wish you could ignite your fullest expression and purpose for why you are here on this planet.

Or maybe you know what you are being called forward to create in the world, and yet you lack the focus and discipline to create the impact you desire … it all feels just out of reach.

In all three cases, there’s a “future you” just waiting to answer the call of fearless living where you’ll courageously move through uncertainty, shift your habits, deepen your purpose, and create the impact you long to have in the world.

This is the belief that you still require more preparation, more practice, and more planning before you can take the next step.

The accompanying thought often shows up as some version of  I’ll be ready when …

… I get this degree

… take that course

… read these books

… find the perfect mentor

The reality: The feeling of readiness will never come

If not now, when?

You fear the failure of taking action before you are truly ready, and that you’ll fail when you “get it wrong”.


This is the belief that you are too busy, at capacity, overwhelmed, and can’t possibly take something new on. 

Or it could also be a thought that you don’t trust yourself to follow through with the responsibility of adding something else to your plate.

The reality: We all have the same amount of time, and therefore it’s truly a matter of priority and commitment. 

You fear that if you commit the time to a new endeavor, that you won’t actually succeed, so why even try?


This is the belief that you can’t afford to get support, whether it be from a course, a coach, or a mastermind, or some other avenue. 

You feel that it would be irresponsible.

The reality: Anything is possible once we step outside of this fear.

You fear that if you commit to something new that has the possibility of being life-changing, that you’ll go deep into debt and let others down.


This is the belief that what you care about greatly is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. That while other people have huge, important purposes - that yours is not big enough to really take seriously. 

It’s the thought that you just aren’t that important. 

“That is something that someone else does, not me”

The reality: If you let yourself be seen by others, those who can support you and become your greatest allies along the path will see possibility in you, and won’t be looking at your supposed “shortcomings”.

You fear that if you let yourself be seen fully, you’ll be judged for your inadequacies.


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” - Rumi

It’s time to live a fearless life rather than allowing yourself to fall victim to self-criticism, procrastination, and overwhelm.

If you feel incapable of sustaining change or being consistent in forming new positive habits …

If you would like to use your precious time and energy more deliberately and effectively, all while making a bigger positive impact …

If you want to make a difference in the world, serve others powerfully, and cultivate deep focus & commitment in the face of resistance …

Then I invite you to join...

Fearless Living Academy

A sneak-peak at the transformation that awaits you inside Fearless Living Academy

1. Take greater ownership over your life

You’ll no longer be defined by your past struggles and beliefs around your ability to create positive change in areas like exercise, eating, sleeping, and prioritizing self-care. 

2. Build unshakeable confidence

You’ll shed the self-doubt that often comes as a byproduct of not having a strong foundation of habit fundamentals in your life.

3. Stare down huge tasks with fierce determination

You’ll create a “sacred training container,” move towards the fear, and pour yourself into your tasks with devotion. And when you are down, you’ll practice gratitude for how far you’ve come.

4. Create accountability to self & others

You will begin to hold a higher standard for yourself and the change you are committed to bringing forth in the world.

5. You’ll create breakthroughs

You’ll open yourself up to new environments & experiences that may be uncomfortable at first. You’ll begin to notice your blindspots and areas where you contract in your thinking rather than being expansive, and begin moving towards the resistance joyfully!

6. You’ll approach your days deliberately

You’ll learn to apply thoughtfulness with heightened specificity when it comes to your purpose — not because you read somewhere that it’s important … but because you deserve it. And the world will benefit greatly from experiencing the gift of you coming alive.

7. You’ll take care of yourself and experience higher levels of well-being

You’ll begin nourishing yourself physically and mentally, while simplifying your life to transform the overwhelm into something powerful … and doing all these things from a place of ease.

It came when I needed it the most, to help me evolve and overcome the anxiety and frustration I was feeling. It seems becoming a mother awakened many fears, and triggered my lifelong subtle anxiety until the point it became bold. Zen Habits gave me a mind space, a silence space and forced me to do this inner work. It was easy to feel inspired in Leo's words

- Cristina Migotto

Zen Habits gave a voice to many of my inner concerns while I was a new mother.

The inner voice in my head is compassionate and filled with empathy (for self) and for others. I am so grateful to Leo Babuta for all that he does. Thank you. Your impact reaches far!

- Aisha Memon

I have found my own being, my own power. I have become mindful of how I approach anything in life.

Suraj Shah works with curious, tender-hearted leaders – particularly those who have experienced a significant loss – who are on a quest for greater calm, clarity and joy in their life.

He's based in London (UK) and enjoys immersing in deep conversations over a decent coffee, with jazz playing in the background.

Suraj Shah

Meet Your Trainer 

Your 3-Part Journey to Better Habits, Deeper Purpose, & More Impact:


  • Habit Fundamentals: You'll learn how to create basic habits, and the key concepts and methods for changing habits so they stick.
  • Habit Key Skills: You'll deepen into the skills you need to create any habit. You'll start with a simple habit to create in a month, and learn about how to apply the key habit skills to this beginner habit. This will continue to set you up for habit success.
  • Beautiful Mornings: You'll learn to create a simple morning routine and start your day off well. Nourishing rituals, meditation, and focus practices can be a foundational part of a well-lived life.
  • Meditation: You'll start or deepen into this keystone habit that will help you to create all other habits. The habit of mindfulness helps you to bring awareness to old habits and thought patterns that have been automatic for years. A simple meditation habit is the way to build this awareness.
  • 8 Additional Modules: These are all designed to help you deepen into sustainable habits that will support your success for the rest of your life.


  • Open to Something Meaningful: You'll explore a powerful pillar of a meaningful life — doing something that has meaning beyond our own usual concerns.
  • The Power of Purpose: Learn our two guiding principles for zeroing in on your purpose and 7 key actions you can take to get started today.
  • Explore Possibility: Learn what limits us when we stay inside our “bubble”, and specific actions you can take to break out and take a wider view of our life.
  • Listening for Purpose: Learn what it means to “listen for our purpose” and a specific line of inquiry that will help you get clarity and turn towards possibility.
  • Doing without Uncertainty: Explore the truth about your uncertain life path & purpose and 5 actionable steps you can take to change your relationship with the uncomfortable feelings that arise when you feel your habits are less than perfect, your purpose in life feels a bit foggy, and you aren’t feeling like you are having the impact you are looking for with your efforts.
  • Additional training and exercises all designed to help you deepen into discovering or clarifying your purpose. Life isn't just about improving ourselves — it's about doing something meaningful, with a sense of purpose.

I've learned from Leo how to eliminate what doesn't serve you, delegate what you can, and automate the rest. I am forever grateful to Leo for shaping the trajectory of my life!

-Emily McDermott

Leo is someone who helps people see through things, find the core and that piece that is important to you by sharing his own story and being an example, talking about the dilemmas on the way. It gently sinks into you and surprises you next time when you need to show up, doing this differently in a natural way.

- Jutta Jerlich

I have become more confident, have found more courage to show up just as I am.

I am more positive and mindful. Leo’s teaching style is non-intrusive and allows you to be in charge. It is uplifting and positive, and has worn well with time for me

- Sujit Kumar

I am less anxious and able to breathe more easily

Start Living Fearlessly Now!!

Fearless Living Academy was created to provide you with an action-based path and the keys to setting yourself up for success as you declare your commitment towards playing a bigger game.

With the FLA subscription, you’re getting:

  • Unlimited access to a comprehensive library of courses and training videos
  • A set of initiation practices to The Fearless Path and what it means to fully step into your life
  • Monthly Uncertainty Challenge on our Fearless Ritual app
  • Workbooks and practice guides 
  • Circle Community
  • Monthly live workshops
  • Special members-only discount on future programs, events and community experiences

2. Can’t I just hire you or someone else as a personal coach? Is this something you offer?

You can. And perhaps one day you will. 

Thing is … private coaching isn’t something that’s in reach for everybody, and even for those who wish to work with me and my team in this capacity — we only have limited openings throughout the year, and can only work with so many people at any given time before we reach capacity.

My team and I designed Fearless Living Academy to be accessible to as many people as possible and to level the playing field in making sure that everyone has a starting point that is not only affordable, but also effective and can deliver results.

And in the future it’s highly likely that we’ll only accept new 1:1 or group coaching students who have shown personal commitment by playing full out inside the academy.

So commit to fearless living today.

3. How will this training content get me the results I’m looking for?

Fearless Living Academy was designed for one purpose… to introduce as many people as possible to The Path of Fearless Living, and more importantly, offer a springboard into action through encouraging our members to commit to personal practice.

We’ve intentionally created this program to be accessible, and you can study independently from the comfort of your home regardless of what time zone you are in.

We start you with a simple assessment, to see which stage of the Fearless Path is right for you. Are you at the foundational stage, creating Fearless Habits? Or do you have a fairly solid foundation, and want to deepen into Fearless Purpose? If you have some clarity on purpose, then you're ready for action and creating Fearless Impact.

Wherever you decide to enter this path, know that you can explore all of it whenever you're ready. We just recommend picking one focus at a time, to make your training more effective.

Once you've chosen a focus, there will be training challenges to take on — with video courses that will help you create the change you want. 

And we believe there are immediate wins available to you just by getting the process started.

4. I’ve already been part of one of your memberships or taken a Zen Habits training. What makes this one different?

First off, thank you for your trust in Zen Habits. You’ll be no stranger to some of the content you’ll find in the library.

There are a few key differences to highlight:

With this Fearless Living Academy package, you’ll be receiving access to the courses and exercises within these core 3 programs — for one low fee. The FLA content is based on learning’s we’ve had over many years working closely with our private clients and in our highest-level mastermind, Fearless Mastery. 

Inside FLA we are also offering a monthly Uncertainty Challenge, free to all members. This is a group challenge we offer every month that greatly supports you to deepen into your practice. The UC offers daily and weekly accountability and optional small group participation. The UC also offers practices to help you shift your mindset and your resistance towards your bigger goals. We are seeing members make huge shifts towards their goals while participating in this monthly challenge. 

As you continue down this path of creating a meaningful life, there will always be new ground for you to cover as you adopt these new ways of thinking and begin to show up fully in your life. 

Fearless Living Academy checks all these boxes.

And if you’ve explored one of our past offerings, and are unsure if you’d benefit from the other aspects of FLA, you can always take advantage of the 7-day free trial while you get clear on what you’d like to focus on next for your personal growth.

Give it a try, we’ve got you covered.

5. Can you remind me of what I’m getting when I sign up today?

When you sign up today, you’ll be getting:

  • Foundation: Fearless Habits
  • Deepen: Fearless Purpose 
  • Broaden: Fearless Impact
  • Bonus 1: Mindful Focus 2.0
  • Bonus 2: Our monthly Uncertainty Challenge

6. What’s your guarantee?

We’re absolutely confident that The Fearless Living Academy will create a

powerful path for you towards better habits, deeper purpose, and greater impact in the world.

That's why we offer a 7-day free trial, so you can be certain FLA is the support you have been looking for.

As a kid, there were no models for me about living a compassionate, authentic life. (Heck, there still aren't really very many!) But, Zen Habits really started me down a path toward having something I think I always wanted. Seeing someone living their life in a way that I admired made me begin to formulate a more clear understanding of what my life really could be like.

- Rob Croll

My first exposures to Zen Habits were a starting point for my own explorations.

I have struggled so much with all of my negative emotions that I was clinging to. I'm learning to let go of all of the unnecessary things that keep me from moving on in my life. My relationship is so much better because nothing bothers me and I have nothing to complain about”

- Tania Hamilton

My life is starting to be much easier with my new habits

It'll happen incrementally, and you'll feel supported by a community that understands how difficult change can be for people. It's helped me to stay focused on eating whole, healthy foods and sticking to a rather intense exercise regimen. In other areas of my life, it's helped me to push through bouts of procrastination when facing difficult projects.”

- David Ginsburg

Zen Habits is a positive, gentle means of improving your life.

You’re tired of your old patterns and want to learn how to shift them.

With rising uncertainty and difficulty, you’ve seen your patterns come up.

You’ve avoided difficult things in your life.

You’ve wanted to quit (and get away to a quiet place!).

You may find yourself complaining, rationalizing, lashing out in frustration.

You’re so tired of these patterns. 

You want to finally move on.

You are willing to dive right in headfirst.

You have one life to live, and you want to live it with the fullest expression possible.

Meaning, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around for something to happen “someday” that will force your hand on implementing positive change in your life. 

You are ready to get started on the path of fearless living now. 

That’s why everything in Fearless Living Academy has been created to provide you with an action-based path and the keys to setting yourself up for success as you declare your commitment towards playing a bigger game.

You’re done pretending you can wait till later.

How much longer are you willing to wait to live your life?

If you feel unfocused, overwhelmed, or scattered, that’s likely not going to change without making a strong commitment and getting supported in it.

If you aren’t filled with the excitement and commitment that comes with having purpose, can it really wait until “next year”?

If you aren’t serving others in alignment with the purpose you’ve expressed, what’s holding you back from taking that next step? 

What are you waiting for?

It’s a now thing. 

At least for those who are ready to have an expanded experience of life.

You’re not meant to spend your days full of stress, overwhelm, and indecision. 

Each moment is limited, fleeting, precious. Let’s not waste another one.

Let’s live each moment, in love with life.

I have heightened awareness, I feel proud, I am happy to wake up every morning, I appreciate small things, and I am no longer afraid to follow my intuitions!”

- Lindsey Hourihan

I got the courage to go from a successful aerospace engineering career to beginning my own home organizing business!

Zen Habits has given me the guidance to start small with habit changes and build up from there. This has allowed me to build a daily meditation practice, improve my diet, and build a regular exercise regimen. I am happier and healthier (both physically and mentally) because of Zen Habits.”


- Adam Smith

I have become much calmer and able to deal with all sorts of stressful or difficult situations with ease.

I am a recovering addict/alcoholic who chose to enter the field of recovery as a counselor. I used your post from this morning-"A Life of Meaning, Without Buying" in my group of women at an inpatient treatment center for the purpose of a tie-in to using drugs and alcohol to escape and search outside of themselves, just like buying does. We used the questions to look internally for change. 

I believe it is people like you that will be the driving force for continual change in the world, one person at a time.”

- Lisa Schultz

It has changed me also because I continue to grow as an individual, on my journey for healing, excited to give back to my part of the world.

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